I am a high energy, Russian-Angolan-French-Kiwi saxophone player/producer. I started out playing Sax with New Zealand bands like “Round Buddah, Lakes and the Magic Band, and Molly and the Chromatics,” in 2013. After, in 2016, I moved to Paris, France to continue my musical and personal development and I created  the electro duo “DamDam Paname.” In Europe, I supported NZ artists such as “Raiza Biza, Blaze the Empror, Sweet Mix Kids, and Crunchy Mp3.” Currently, I have been touring across New Zealand and Australia with various band and have began playing solo shows under the name “Pavel Kazimirr” to express my world experiences from the past few years. My goal for the “Pavel Kazimirr” project is to provide a unique, explosive experience including electro, saxophone, punk vocals, stage dives and high-fives.

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